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Food and Interior

Video production, Photography & Aerial Filming in Thailand & beyond.

When it comes to showcasing your hospitality business, a picture always speaks a thousand words which is why our hospitality photography capture your business in its best light to impress your website, blog and advertisement viewers. Of course you can describe your most popular dish, but if you really want to whet the appetites of potential customers you need to show them what they are missing. Our food photography service is the best way to go about doing just that! If you have a Hotel, a Resort or Luxury Villa you want to showcase, we as professional stylists, photographers and video producers, can tell the story of your business in a professional way.

Not only will we be able to capture your business in the most captivating way, we will take inspiration from your style and business story and send a powerful short message that will make people want to find out more. After all, the secret of sales is always to leave your customers wanting more and as income is an extremely important factor of business we know how important it is that your potential customer base gets in touch and makes a booking or pays you visit.

Food & Interior Company was founded by MikolajKrawczunas who is a Polish photographer with an excellent attention for detail. When it comes to family snaps and friends outings it’s ok to snap away without being overly concerned over what’s in the background but when it comes to your business it’s the finer details that potential customers are going to be looking for. It’s the edge your business has over competitors that is the main focal point of the short videos whether it’s your star dish, private executive villa with added features such as a hot tub, swimming pool or something totally different.

The company stylist DorotaKossakowska also has a gift, it is to examine and if necessary advise on decoration that can improve the appeal of your establishment. She is known for her great taste and takes care in creating a picture perfect scene for Mikolaj to record.

As a team all of the combined expertise and talent is evident in the beautiful videos we have created so far for a number of businesses in the area. Our team don’t look at the business as a point and shoot venture, it’s a passion where every aspect of capturing perfection is taken into account. We’re not happy until the customer is and will take inspiration from different cultures and style to make you stand out.

The power of video has a wider range than text advertisements. People want to know what they’re getting before they arrive whether it’s for a meal or vacation. If you are looking for somewhere nice to dine or stay then you really want to get a feel for the place before you arrive, which is something that only video advertising can provide. We are also experts in photography using the same set of skills to capture the best photographs for you to use one your social media, website or for advertising.

We’re also on Facebook and YouTube if you wish to connect with us and see more of our work.