We are full-service destination & hospitality creative agency

providing cinematic promotional videos and photography services


We provide custom produce, high-quality images from dynamic shots of interiors and exteriors to detail-driven close-ups and inspiring lifestyles.

Video Production

High-quality videos for hospitality and travel industry, specially created for hotels & resorts, luxury villas, destinations, boutique hotels, hotel brands and tourism boards.

Aerial & Dron

Aerial photography and video shows stunning views of your property in a new perspective and to inspires travelers to reach your destination for their holiday adventure.


Create a stunning 360° photos and videos, by adding 360° images to your web content encourage customers to stay on your pages longer, return later again and share it.

Interior Styling

Styling provides a soul to the interior or space and helps to learn about the quality and introduce to beauty. Attention to details, gives a new perspective and makes people look at the highlights of your place.

Web Design

Your website is your digital representative, so you want it to be friendly and full of knowledge. We provide simple but yet intuitive service for medium and small businesses, with well design modern look.

Photography and Motion

About MK Creative

MK Creative specializes in cinematic videos and photography services for real estate, hotels and resorts.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” – Eliott Erwitt

In today’s world having a cinematic video and quality photography is no longer a choice, its necessary part of successful marketing.

My mission is to engage the curious and leave the viewer with a fulfilled feeling that they discover and experience the destination in the new perspective.

I’m curious and open-minded, always looking for the next unexpected experience and have a desire to the most interesting things life has to offer.


We create unique shots for international hospitality brands.

Our Customers

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