who we are

Cinematic Video Production, Photography and Aerial Filming for Hospitality and Travel Market.

Photography / Video Production


The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words – Eliott Erwitt

Founded by photographer Mikolaj Krawczunas, who is passionate about perfection in the image, from Fine art to Architectural he brings the viewer to the hidden story within.

Together with Dorota, who is our interior and food stylist we worked together to delivery your signature style.

We are not only be able to capture your place in the most captivating way, we will take inspirations from Your style and send message that will make people want to find out more.
As a team of combine experts and talents, we don’t look at the business side only, its our passion where every aspect of capturing perfection is most important for us.

In today’s world having a cinematic video and quality photography is no longer a choice, its necessary part of successful marketing, we provide a new perspective and Your customers will discover the place in a unique way.
Our mission is to engage the curious and leave the traveler with fulfilled feeling that they discovery and experience the destination in the new perspective.

With inspiring destination stories we will capture on video the essence of the place, and the images will discovery the moments that are integral to the design.

We are curious and open-minded, always looking for the next unexpected experience and have a desire to the most interesting things life has to offer.